What is the real story behind starting of CloudTrains ? How a Good Girl from Tier-3 City enter into StartUp World ?

Tripti Tiwari
5 min readMar 11, 2021

CloudTrains was never planned, I started CloudTrains Technologies in Gwalior, a Tier III city in Madhya Pradesh, in 2013. I am writing my journey from start, I took admission in my engineering but I did not know what to do after engineering and why I was doing engineering. But I knew that I had to do something that would be different and in which I could have a different identity.

Yes, I must also tell that there was a very average looking girl who belongs from a traditional and moderate family , and at that time, I got the permission to do engineering so that I could get a decent job.I was often fed the scary narrative that “good boys” become powerful and responsible men while “good girls” grow up to become meek and pretty wives and daughters-in-law. But I thought at that time I could do a lot better than this.

At that time a friend of mine told me about Microsoft Student Partner Program, which could give you a job in Microsoft.I applied in that and my selection was done and I became a Microsoft Student Partner. I call this moment the turning point of my life.

Microsoft Student Partner Selection Letter & Kit

It was a very inspirational moment for me because I was realizing that what I was feeling was really happening. In this whole year, I have given sessions to many colleges even in India’s top colleges and it was not easy, for this I did a work on my skills from foundation level. In 2013, when I finished my graduation, I got a chance to go to Microsoft’s recruitment drive. And at that time I learned about startups and entrepreneurs and this was the second turning point of my life.In this duration I worked in few startups but none of them was satisfied me and I received a job offer from Microsoft.

From here I gave up the job offer at Microsoft and thought of starting a company of my own which can make SMEs and startups technically & digitally strong. So by this “CloudTrains” was born. I began to think, how can I start my own business… the CloudTrains journey began from there.

I started a CloudTrains in October 2015 in 500 sq. Ft. room in my house and in the next six months, Cloudtrains Technologies moved to an office in the Gwalior-IT Park (Software Technology Parks of India), with over 50 clients.

Now What is the B-Model of CloudTrains : CloudTrains builds your project from scratch, helps in business plans, invests technology in their products, builds mutual partnerships, and also works as an in-house tech team. We set up our own backend system where we connect the customer’s team with our development team. We also have more than 300+ top coders from all over the globe. We share, chat, develop, design and learn together. So, this thing makes CloudTrains different from other IT companies. We are a One-Stop Solution for all your IT needs.

Now after a lot of success a little setback was made. In mid of 2018, I faced some family problems after Demonetization and we suffered from huge losses and we lost everything in this whatever we achieved in these years.

When times are bad is when the real entrepreneurs emerge. In 2019, We came back again and Incorporate CloudTrains and I always belives that “Comeback is always better than setback” and taking no risk is the biggest risk”.

In 2019, We again start and this time I wanted to build CloudTrains in a way which would have the best in work culture, and a team environment where everyone has the freedom to innovate. I am always ready to give an opportunity to women who restart their careers,

In 2021, CloudTrains is still bootstrapped, but was converted into a private limited company last year. Now we have 70-member team with 2 Development Offices one is in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh and Second is in Pune,Maharashtra. We successfully completed more than 800 projects with over 150 clients. We also earned notable associations and partnerships from technology leaders like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Nasscom, Software Technology Parks of India, Amazon Web Services, D&B, Tizen, Samsung, and Adobe, among others.

CloudTrains Pune Office
CloudTrains Pune Office

I always believes that being an entrepreneur from a small town comes with many advantages and business learnings. “When you start something on your own in a small town, you create new unique opportunities for business, learnings, and employment. While many people, particularly young professionals, opt to move to urban areas to find jobs, that’s not an appealing option for everyone. So out of frustration and a desire to stay put, we created jobs for ourselves. And in doing so, we gave others a unique opportunity to do what they love and love what they do. You have a chance to know yourself more, you have an opportunity to work on your idea with more sincerity because you have a responsibility to prove yourself and create a new benchmark for future generations.

“Your location is no bar for your ambition.”

Currently, CloudTrains works for eight different industry segments that include FMCG, hospitality, hyperlocal, manufacturing, and real estate.We also plan to scale up our client and business base in countries like the US, China, the UK, and Japan.

In last I want to say that there is “No substitute for hard work”.



Tripti Tiwari

Tripti Tiwari is an entrepreneur, mentor and Growth Marketer. She is the Co-founder of CloudTrains. Keynote speaker for Entrepreneurship & Mentor StartUps.